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Our Student Ambassadors

Meet the Excell Network Ambassadors here, their commitment is helping us to bring our mission to life and to have an even greater impact on the students, who are part of Excell Network.

The main goal of Excell Network is to help provide assistance to those people returning home from prison.  

To become an Excell Network student ambassador, contact us to schedule an interview.  A cover letter and a resume will be required. 

Cristina Hernandez

Restorative Justice Director

Office of Social Justice

Diocese of Oakland

Patricia Tu

Director Of Special Project

Success Center of San Francisco

Rev. Joseph Spielder

The Archdiocese of San Francisco 

Freda Motak

PCMM Coordinator

San Francisco VA Health Care System 

Mitchell Tu

Government Partnerships Associate 


Carol McMackin

Comunidad San Dimas Inc. volunteer member

Marcel A. Davis


Warm Line

Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Frances Holmes


Certified Nutrition Consultant

Integrative Grief Practitioner

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

Deacon John Storm

Restorative Justice Director

Office of Restorative Justice

Diocese of Santa Rosa

Suzanne M. Prows

Comunidad San Dimas Inc.

volunteer member

Rev. John Jimenez 

Archdiocese of San Francisco

Gilda Serrano

Restorative Community Service Coordinator

Five Keys Charter School and Programs

Andrea Gil

Youth Leadership Institute

Program Coordinator

Bill Mallet

Staff Scientist 

Bolt Biotherapeutics

Mariam Zelaya Cecchi

Spiritual Director

Comunidad San Dimas Inc.

Volunteer member

Sister Carol I. Njoku

Golden Gate University of Law

Current SJD Student 

Nigeria Attorney

Human Rights Advocate

Robin Murphy


Cabrillo Unified School District

Carlos Fuentes

Business Owner

Fuentes Auto Detail

Vanessa Campbell

Golden Gate University of Law

Graduate Law

Loretta Chatmon

Community Leader

St Paul of The Shipwreck

Tom Neary

Comunidad San Dimas Inc.

Volunteer member

Elmer Hernandez

Chabot College

Business Administration Student

Cristina Martinez

University of Santa Cruz

 Psychology Student

Khalid Afsar

Berkeley University

Education, Social and Political student inclusion, PHD



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